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Custom Website Design in Winkler, Manitoba

Let’s build a website
that makes you the easy choice

A generic website can make your unique business look like just another face in the crowd.

In a time where brands are first experienced in the digital, the cost of blending in can mean:

  • A lost opportunity

    Potential customers will pass you by, unable to see what you have to offer.

  • An advantage for your competitors

    Competitors with a stronger online presence will draw in your customers.

  • Missed conversions

    Your website should be your best employee, always representing your brand. But is it actually working for you? You might be missing the chance to turn visitors into customers.

The Solution

Craft a standout website with Capari

  • Look bigger
  • Showcase your brand
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Earn customer trust
  • Connect with your ideal audience
  • Raise your value

Design + development under one roof

Our expertise lies in good design and good development. This combination means your website not only looks great but works smoothly, giving users a great impression of your brand.

Tailored functionality

Your website is a valuable tool for your business. Picture it as your 24/7 employee—welcoming visitors like a receptionist, showcasing your products like a sales representative, and assisting customers like dedicated customer service. It’s not just a website; it’s a dynamic tool working tirelessly to support and enhance your business operations.

Optimized to bring in traffic and stand out

We don’t just build websites; we craft an experience that enhances how people experience your brand, boosts your Google ranking, and sets you apart from the competition. Your digital presence will be a beacon that attracts, engages, and converts.

Ongoing support and collaboration

From the initial consultation to the final launch and beyond, our process ensures you’re informed and involved at every stage. Ongoing support means your website grows and scales with you, providing a stress-free experience.

Get Growin'

Ready to take your website to a new level?

The Process

How we do it



You care about your business and know it better than anyone else, so your thoughts are valuable. You’ll receive prep work that allows us to better understand your business and get on the same page. We’ll clarify who you are, who you’re talking to, and what you’re trying to say, before we begin any work.



Now that we’ve got a good grasp of your brand, we’re able to start planning. We’ll outline the key elements of how your website should look and work, making sure every aspect aligns with your brand and objectives.



Our team gets to work with the design and development. You can share your thoughts along the way to make sure everything is just how you want it. The goal is to bring your website to life with strategy as the foundation of every decision.



You’ll receive an instruction guide that will allow you to make essential changes and updates – without you needing to be a tech genius. We’re also on standby in case you need any future additions, changes, maintenance, or just need a helping hand.

The Outcome:

A website that works for your business.

Stand-out digital presence

A custom-built website that serves as a digital extension of your brand, positioning you to stand out.

Always-on business ally

A dynamic tool with tailored functionality, acting as a 24/7 employee. From managing receptionist duties to showcasing your products and assisting customers, it actively works for your business.

Grow with our support

Your website will adapt, scale, and grow with your business, saving you time and ensuring a pain-free experience. You can lean on us for ongoing support.

“Our website is beyond anything we could have imagined. Their attention to detail and willingness to make the best website is literally out of this world.”

Katrina Vanderveen
Fortify Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Capari different from other agencies?

    We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Sure it looks great in theory, but how can you ever be completely satisfied if you’re forced into a box?

    That’s why we build our sites completely custom to your brand. Your site starts with a plan and ends with us obsessing over every detail.

    We also handle both design (how it looks) and development (how it works), meaning we’re able to fully express who you are as a brand and make a lasting impression on the people you need to connect with. Unlike other agencies that might not prioritize your website, we see it as a vital part of your brand strategy.

  • What happens when the website's finished?

    You’ll have full control. We’ll provide you with an instruction guide so you can make content updates and manage your site on your own. Additionally, for ongoing peace of mind, you can opt for our maintenance plan, ensuring that your website functions as intended.

    The choice is yours post-launch – whether you prefer to continue receiving updates and additions from us or take the lead independently. We’re flexible to fit your needs and preferences.

  • Why custom?

    There’s a million reasons but we shortened this answer down to a couple, for your sake.

    Your business is unique, and so are its needs. Custom gives us the flexibility to add specific features to your website. Think custom contact forms, quote request forms, booking systems, a customized way to showcase your specific products, etc. This type of functionality allows your website to act more like a tool that helps with and improves your daily business operations.

    It also allows us to show the world who your brand is and what makes you different. With generic templates, you’re forced to squeeze your brand into your site, which comes along with plenty of limitations. With custom, we’re able to put intention into every aspect of how your site looks and acts. We’re able to clarify what you’re trying to say and help communicate that. This way, you’re not just another face in the crowd. Your ideal customer resonates with and remembers you.

    And when your business grows, your site can grow with it. We’re able to adapt and integrate new features, crucial for growing businesses.

  • How do we start a project?

    Fill out our contact form or send us an email directly to hello@capari.co. We’ll dive deep into understanding your needs and expectations, and figure out the budget and objectives for your project.

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