Choice Realty Ltd.

  • Brand Identity,
  • Website design + development,
  • Print Collateral

The new Choice Realty branding has been modernized to bring a new life to the longstanding brand that so many know and trust. The notable “Choice Orange” was preserved as it has been recognizable among our community for many years.

The new logo features the familiar roofline to pay homage to the original logo. The biggest undertaking were the yard signs, designed to maintain visibility amongst the prairie’s ever changing landscape. The rest of the brand materials were updated to deliver a cohesive, sophisticated experience on every touchpoint.

choice realty logo before and after
choice realty orange logo
choice realty alternative black logo
choice realty signs for sale for lease open house
choice realty for sale sign
choice realty business cards
choice realty letterhead
choice realty brochure
choice realty website homepage design and development
choice realty website design and development
choice realty instagram story
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